Corrosion Mitigation

   ​Industrial systems often exposed to extreme environmental conditions that severely affect performance and reliability. For example engineering system exposed to a corrosive environment, the materials exposed to it are susceptible to degradation and loss of functionality. Therefore, corrosion control and prevention becomes one of the most important aspects of the industries’ maintenance program. Every materials system and component need proper attention and tailored corrosion protection system design if prone to degradation. Stationary as well as high-speed machinery are equally susceptible to such degradation.

   As we understand its importance, experts at Always Avant provide comprehensive services to our customers to the custom design of corrosion protection system.

Neglected failed component could be proven costly in terms of money and lost customers.

Metallurgical failure analysis (MFA)

​    When an engineering component or process fails to perform as per the design requirements, there is always a need to identify the reason behind that failure. The analysis process can include computer simulation, nondestructive and destructive tests to identify the root cause and take corrective measures. If not paid timely attention to the failure, there could be profit loss due to downtime. Neglected failure analysis can result in system failure which could prove to be costlier compared to the initial failure analysis.

Mechanical tests

Tension/compression test (ASTM)
Hardness test (ASTM)
Bending test (ASTM)
Shear test (ASTM)

Topological observations

Optical microscopy (OM)

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
Atomic forced microscopy (AFM)

Failure analysis is also used to refine new product designs and improve established products.

MFA is being used in manufacturing industries such as electronics, automobiles, aerospace, and similar.

As we understand its importance, experts at Always Avant provide comprehensive services to our customers. 

Materials testing and analysis

​Materials selection is vital for reliable service of any engineering component. We offer services to assist you for materials selection during early stage in your design process or to improve existing one. We test performance and suitability of materials to make transition of components from design to in-service without worry to you. We provide services in following areas:   

Surface performance tests

Surface roughness (ASTM)
Contact angle measurement (ASTM)
Wear and friction (ASTM)
Abrasion (ASTM)
Erosion (ASTM)

Chemical analysis

Fourier Transformed Infrared Spectroscopy
X-ray and EDS
Other elemental analysis
Gas chromatography and 

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