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Engineering Contract research and innovation

​​Always Avant solves customer problems with highest ethical values, professionalism, and advanced knowledge in science, engineering, and technology.

We provide services to:

  • conduct applied research and
  • develop technology for engineering industries in and around Houston, Texas.

Always Avant thrives to

  • maximize your returns on R&D investments
  • reduce your R&D budget for costly equipment and time (we will get those results you wanted using such tools with tailored analysis for your needs)
  • work on regulatory requirements for your project using applicable standards such as ASTM, DNV, ABS and similar and reduce your burden
  • work with the highest confidentiality and ethical standards to protect your intellectual properties
  • assist you in the development of your next big technology while you focus on your everyday operations and profit
  • assist you on those back-burner projects while you focus on high priority stuff
  • let our research scientists do geeky and nerdy jobs while you do what you enjoy
  • update you with the latest technology that might improve the reliability of your production line

Experts at Always Avant provide comprehensive services to our customers to achieve their goals to stay in the competition.

Expert team at Always Avant will be glad to evaluate your project needs to assist you. Please provide us following information

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